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Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to deliver a workplace environment that is as diverse as the patients we serve. Glenmark values and respects the differences of our people and nurtures a collaborative and open company culture. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the highest caliber of diversified talent. Diversity encompasses our visible differences, such as gender, age, ethnicity and physical appearance, as well as our thinking styles, sexual orientation, religion and education background. We believe that creating an inclusive culture is not only the right thing to do for our people; it’s the smart thing to do for our business.


Daniela Meozzi

Business Development Coordinator

“Coming to work is a new adventure every day, I’m continuously learning. Working at Glenmark, alongside my insightful managers and colleagues, has been an inspiration to further inspire me to gain a better knowledge on the pharmaceutical business. I am lucky to be a part of this team.”

Grace Maguire

Vice President, Commercial Strategy for Innovative Products

“One of the benefits of coming to an organization like this is that we’re lean, and that opens up opportunities. If there’s something that needs to get done, you will have a chance to become a part of that project, even if it’s an area where you don’t have a lot of experience. As soon as I joined Glenmark, people began reaching out to me for my opinions and input. It’s nice to come to work knowing that you’re needed and valued.”

Natasha Phelps

Quality Assurance Specialist I

“Everyone within the company helps each other. Whether or not they are in your specific department, we all have the same goal and mission in mind and we make sure no one is left behind on our way to achieving that. Glenmark recognizes great work. When you receive consistent praise from a manager or colleague, you take pride in that; it makes you want to work harder the next day.”

Nora Ross

Associate Manager of Facilities

“Since joining Glenmark, I have been surrounded by a team of managers and coworkers that have enabled me to expand my potential in both a welcoming and challenging atmosphere. I’ve been recognized with several awards in a relatively short time period, and feel that the opportunities at Glenmark will continue to help me further my potential. I look forward to a long career at Glenmark.”

Priya Raina

Director of Clinical Operations

“The more I learn about the company, the more I realize I discovered a rare opportunity. The expansion and transformation that is happening at Glenmark, from global generics to new drug discovery and development, is truly unique in this industry. This has been an unbeatable opportunity for development for me, and I look forward to being part of Glenmark’s unprecedented growth.”

Amit Parekh

Business Analyst, Finance

“I personally believe we are always driven by something. Something inherent, innate, instinctual that motivates and accelerates the things we do. I see this on a daily basis at Glenmark in the opportunities given. This is a place for people who really want to learn and grow.”

Paula Evans

Associate Manager of Supply Chains

“Just observing and having the ability to see different management styles, my colleagues’ morale and how our processes continue to improve over time keeps me sharp and stimulated. I came for six weeks and stayed for seven years. I can honestly say it’s never been a dull moment, and that’s the reason I remain here today.”

Bonnie McDonald

Senior Director of Human Resources

“Working at Glenmark is unlike working anywhere else in the industry. In my role, I get to own and design it all from the ground up. I am given opportunities and exposed to a surplus of different areas that are not in my wheelhouse, but ultimately benefit the work I do. Glenmark has given me an opportunity I know I would not have gotten elsewhere.”

Arnold Edwards

Utility Mechanic

“Being a part of a utility department, you are a first responder. You have to constantly monitor vital systems, because if any of these utilities go down, it will affect the medicines we make. My role lives our core values at Glenmark. I trust my coworkers to share knowledge in a respectful manner to maintain the integrity of our systems, always as a team.”

Catherine Reddick

Senior Director, Clinical Operations - Oncology

“At Glenmark, our senior leaders value information and acknowledge that good ideas may come from colleagues across different levels within the organization. Being valued for your knowledge and being able to contribute to workable solutions is what makes this company great.”

Eddy Nkwepo

Regional Pharmacovigilance Head for Latin America, North American, Caribbean

“Glenmark is in the midst of reinvention, by taking on the challenge of innovative drug discovery and development. With such an ambitious goal, I am constantly challenged with new assignments that require the flexibility to grow beyond my job description. I have come to realize this is an effective way to learn new skills while building strong relationships with my colleagues. I’m looking forward to achieving amazing things with the company.”

Sanjay Chandrasekhar

Associate Director, Data Management

“I take pride in being part of an expanding company where each employee can make difference. The products being developed at Glenmark may one day go on to help people with highly unmet medical needs. The culture is upbeat and energetic with a good atmosphere among employees. Our core values of integrity, knowledge, respect, and trust foster a collaborative environment that promotes opportunities to grow.”

Tudor Moldoveanu

Demand Planning Analyst

“The culture at Glenmark, cultivated directly by our colleagues, creates a collegial atmosphere and a friendly environment where almost everyone’s ideas are considered. If you put pride in what you do, you’ll feel the satisfaction at the end of the day. This behavior is adopted by almost every new employee and in time is continuously taken to the next level. It’s a great feeling to know that my personal accomplishments matter.”

Carole Capella

Senior Manager, Marketing & Commercial Operations

“Glenmark allows for empowerment of its employees to really take ownership of their role and function. Being a lean organization, it also opens up the opportunity for plenty of cross-functional work – learning and growing not only in your area of expertise, but others as well. With the right leadership in place, there is certainly opportunity to grow professionally. When your management supports your growth, I believe opportunities are endless.”

Christopher Poon

Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist

“I joined Glenmark, because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to further develop vital skillsets in PV. Even with the accelerated pace and deadlines surrounding our daily tasks and projects, there is always respectful and honest communication, as well as a readiness to assist and provide guidance, among all the contributing groups. I am extremely proud to work with such a knowledgeable group of peers.”