Cancer is relentless, but so are we when it comes to advancing the science behind our understanding of the disease, which will help change the treatment landscape. Our extraordinary group of clinical and research professionals are committed to a goal that unifies us all – making new discoveries to improve the lives of patients living with cancer.

Momentum and excitement about immuno-oncology has been building rapidly in the last decade. This is driven in part by success scientists have had in reprogramming the immune system to attack cancer cells, resulting in a complete remission in some patients. The science is still in its early stages, but this approach is expected to expand across new tumor types and in different combinations to potentially help more patients facing difficult-to-treat cancers.

1 Fc receptor is a protein found on the surface of certain cells

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Each year, more than
1.7 million Americans
will develop cancer and almost
600,000 will die from the disease.


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Our 8 investigational drugs are shaping the future of medicine, strengthening our commitment to advance leading-edge science solutions

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